BULLET HELL – Development

I’ve played a lot of UNDERTALE since it came out a few months ago. One thing that really grabbed me about it is just how fun the combat is, so over Christmas I decided to try my hand at the bullet hell genre, just for fun.
It’s still very much a work-in-progress with a lot of temporary assets and effects, but I have some ideas for making it into its own thing.

UNDERTALE spoilers(??) by the way.


There’s some obvious inspiration here (The Omega and Sans fights are my favourites). To start off I tried replicating a few of the attacks in these fights, such as the lasers, and Flowey’s ring of bullets:


The Otter2D (C#) library made creating the underlying systems a breeze. All bullets and spawners inherit from base classes I created that allow for custom patterns and individual stats. Currently most of the work left to do is the creation of the different patterns, so there’ll be another update once I’ve made significant progress.

Another thing is that the TV with the Flowey face at the top was just for decoration, but I’m planning on turning it into a UI system for the player. Things like Health and Score will be incorporated into the TV somehow, to keep the rest of the screen clear.

The TV has a warning system too, to let the player know when something special happens. Right now the screen flips horizontally and vertically, reversing the player controls in that direction (or in both directions, potentially).


The state of play is: cluttered, to say the least. It’s for testing purposes. The idea is that once I’ve implemented the bullets, I’ll have a controller to keep things balanced, ramp up difficulty and control all the bullet systems and screen effects.
Some art (the star, the pink slimes) is from the free Kenney Asset Packs as placeholders, but I’ll be making my own graphics for the final game.