Weapon Effect UI for Maya

WEAPON EFFECT UI FOR MAYA is a UI that applies procedural sweeps and particle effects to weapons and props in Autodesk Maya. This UI is written in Python.

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This project was created for a University module focusing on scripting and dynamics for Maya. The brief was open, allowing for research into various areas.
For the brief I looked into creating a UI that auto-generated effects on weapons and props for use with video game models.

Inspired by games such as Devil May Cry and Guilty Gear, I wanted to create a tool that allowed animators to add bright, colourful weapon effects to models in an easy and customisable way.

Tool Features:
– Animated Loft Surfaces with customisable Start and End Frames.
– Adjustable tail size for the Loft Surfaces to create longer or shorter sweeps.
– A frame delay to delay the sweep animation.
– A selection of preset block colours for quick visualisation.
– Application of preset particle effects via a drop down list, with the option to add your own.
– Adjustable Scale and Emit rate for particle effects to allow appropriate scaling.

The Script file is available over on github
Disclaimer: The script was originally built and tested in Maya 2011/2013. At present I am unable to provide any further support/bugfixing/tutorials.

Models used were provided under Non-Commerical-Use Licenses.

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