AIMEE – Development

AIMEE is a model created for use in a video game. As I wanted to explore making a 3D combat engine, I decided to create a model I would enjoy working with.

With Aimee I had several goals in mind:
– To learn suitable topology for a smoother deformation,
– To create a fully rigged 3D model for use in a video game,
– To begin to explore 3D animation,
– To learn the pipeline for importing models and animations into Unreal Engine 4.

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WEAPON EFFECT UI FOR MAYA was a project undertaken during the Scripting and Dynamics module at University, where we were given the freedom of choice concerning what to produce.

As the module dealt with tools and simulations in Maya, I decided to develop a tool that would allow an animator to add loft surface sweeps and particle emitters to weapons and props for quick pre-visualisation of effects, with the intention of the tool being used for video games where weapons normally have effect trails.

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