AIMEE is a fully rigged and textured 3D model intended for use in one of my other projects, a combat system created in Unreal Engine 4.

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During development of a prototype combat system I decided to take it upon myself to create a unique player character instead of relying on the default Unreal Engine 4 character model.
Aimee was modelled and rigged over the course of a few days and animated whenever a new animation was necessary.

Combat-heavy games require fluid animation and as such the model was rigged with 47 joints that covered all the motions the character may have to perform.

In the interest discarding unnecessary joints, the hands are rigged with thumb, index and mitten joints, allowing for expressive hand movements without requiring joints for each individual finger.
The hands themselves have a variety of Drive Keys attached to the wrist control shapes for quicker and easier animation of the fingers.

I wanted the tail to be more than just a dynamic chain that followed the movement of the hips so I instead used an FK joint chain to allow for curling motions in all axes.

Aimee is rigged with 47 joints and 18 Control Shapes and has 2474 tris.

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