Welcome to the Biome Ghoullery! For Halloween, myself and other members of Biome Collective worked to add a bit of spooky flair to the collective’s online gallery.

For my contribution I wanted to create a short “haunted house” experience that people could walk through with their friends. I worked to create a number of pixel animations to represent the rooms that visitors could walk. (And I created a few spooky balloon props to decorate with).

To enter the haunted house, visitors must complete a ritual that unlocks the door. This was designed and coded by @NiallEM

Music for the haunted house was created by @tomdemajo

Other contributions, including a mask-making feature and a spooky campfire for ghost stories were made by @johnjoemcbob and @jctwizard

The Biome Gallery is an online social space, built and hosted on the platform, and based on the Online Museum of Multiplayer Art.