Smithy’s Kitchen was initially made with a friend over a single weekend for Global Game Jam 2020. It was polished and expanded upon in the following weeks.

The theme of the jam was “Repair”, so we designed a short VR game where you’re tasked with creating a new sword for a gingerbread warrior using a combination of cooking and blacksmithing. Expanded features experimented with creating different recipes, such as soup.

Features I was primarily responsible for include:
The hob and the cookwear used on it, including a frying pan and a cooking pot.
Cracking and frying an “egg” in the frying pan.
Pouring liquids and spices.
Crushing carrots in a mortar and pestle.
Cooking and stirring soup.
Combining the separate hilt and sword pieces into the final blade.

Engine: Unity 2019, C#
Platform: Oculus Quest

Matthew @johnjoemcbob

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Smithy’s Kitchen on SideQuest